LIMTECH Industries

The Orion series is built like a tank from table frame construction to the size of the components used, three linear guide bearings installed per each guide rail on all X, Y and Z-axis. It is twice the machine as compared to our entry industrial Centaurus series. The Orion series is our flagship series. Now with FANUC controller including monitor/keypad, servos, drivers, amplifiers, plc, backed by 2 years warranty by FANUC AMERICA!

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Gallery - Videos

LIMTECH at work.....largest store fixture in Canada

Custom 20-inch gantry clearance for tall work pieces

3/4" UHMW rigid plastic in one pass, second pass to release part

Cabinetry - closet systems

Carousel tool changer, this one shows with two carousel option

Technical Info
Industrial controller - Brand name components from local suppliers - Free support