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How can Limtech be so competitive in offering good quality spec machines?

Our factories do the design, fabrication, assembly, testing all in-house rather than out sourcing to save costs.

Limtech works with and support its regional sales and service partners.

We own our facilities and we do not incur much fixed overheads.

Our products are well thought out from user-friendliness to quality configuration so we do not have to baby sit our products.

Many of our customers that owned our products for more than ten (10) years have spent less than a few hundred dollars on parts-service on average!

Does Limtech use proprietary components whether it's hardware and/or software?

Limtech does not employ any proprietary part or component both hardware and/or software in ANY of our products.

Does Limtech offer onsite machine setup & training?

We realize almost all customers, especially first time cnc customers, require quite a bit of guidance to see things through. We always offer onsite setup and training, and we make sure the new machine is running flawlessly from day one. We take the learning frustration part out of the equation.

What is the warranty on the Limtech machine?

Our standard warranty is one year on parts and labor.

If your machine is equipped with a Fanuc controller, Fanuc USA offers two years warranty on parts and labor.

Don't forget the FREE technical support!

Does Limtech charge for support?

All our customers enjoy FREE technical support via email, telephone, and direct cell contacts including text messages!

Where can we get spare parts?

We do stock most commonly needed items such as sensors, tool clips, bearings, etc. at our facility.

The majority of the parts and components on all of our products have the original manufacturers' name and model on them so our customers can easily source them on the internet from competitive local suppliers.

What if I need an onsite service engineer?

Due to how we configure our products with the most stable controller system, brand name components, and high-end mechanical configuration, our products rarely experience issues big enough to warranty an engineer to be onsite. Over 95% of the time we'd be able to help fix many any issue over the phone. IF the phone support fails, we turn to our regional local service partners first to save time-cost and if they're not available, we'd visit you directly. Read some of our customers' testimonies for a better idea on support.

What if Limtech goes out of business?

We never know what tomorrow brings and we don't make any promise and no one else should matter the size-location of an organization. We've thought about this and that's why we do not incorporate any proprietary system in our products. Customers are able to find the majority of the parts on their own and we provide full system recovery after the installation. Many industry field service engineers can easily fix our equipment. In essence, our customers aren't reliant on Limtech and that's why our customers choose Limtech in the first place.

Where can I see one run?

We try to keep on one demo unit on our floor but sometimes we may not have one due to availability. In many cases you could visit one of our customers closest to you. Call us and we'd be glad to find a local customer for your reference.

Does Limtech offer leasing?

Yes, we offer in-house leasing and in many cases our customers found that we offer better rate and terms than other lenders.

Let us know if you need financing or would like to speak to us for preliminary rates-terms.

Industrial controller - Brand name components from local suppliers - Free support