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Our Automation system consists of the rear loader, hydraulic material table, table rake-vacuum, and automatic conveyor parts catcher table.

While we do offer this system, many of our customers prefer the 23' length table. Here are the pros of the 23' table vs the Automation system.

1. Faster cycle time and more output as there is no loading/unloading waiting time because the 23' table continuously switching between the two sides while one side is being loaded/unloaded. Whereas the Automation system still requires loading/unloading and in many cases the operator would still need to make sure the material squares up against the reference pins before the machine can run.

2. There is no "extra" thing to fail with the 23' machine, it's just longer table. The Automation system has so many many things tied up to the PLC such as the loader, the hydraulic table, the rake, the conveyor table....each system has valves, sensors, motors, etc. So if one check system fails, the entire system is down.

3. The 23' table machine takes less space, lower long-term maintenance cost, and provides more output!

But if you mind is set on the Automation system for other reasons, we'd be glad to offer the Automation with the Gemini, Orion, or Pegasus series.

This Automation option doesn't alter any of the machine's standard features-specifications that is being offered with unless otherwise quoted.

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