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We offer optional Roller Hold Down system for customers especially in the furniture frame, boat and other other industries with warped materials and vacuum hold down alone isn't good enough to hold down smaller-thinner parts.

The Roller Hold Down option is available with the Gemini, Orion and Pegasus series.

Like many other options, the Roller Hold Down doesn't alter any of the machine's standard specifications and features that is being offered with unless otherwise quoted.

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Technical Spec
Vacuum Pump
Pre-Installation Guide
Vacuum Pump

The two-stage 10hp regen vacuum pump comes standard with our Centaurus and Gemini series. It is low-maintenance, no messy oil lubrication, or belts to replace.

We normally offer free upgrade to the 15hp (15hp@50Hz, 17hp@60Hz)

Up to 33hp with more than 1,000Cfm upgrade is available.

The Becker 10hp pump with accessories comes standard with our Orion and Pegasus series. It has approx 17Cf with approx. 20Hg fully sealed.

In the case where a second pump is ordered, or comes standard with a our 23' table machines, the two pumps are stacked on top of each other on a steel frame to save space.
Pre-Installation Guide

ALL new customers will receive detail Pre-installation manual/guide well in advanced covering delivery schedule, preparations and requirements.

However, below are some basic steps for reference only.

1. You will be informed in advanced regarding your cnc delivery schedule.

2. If required, you must schedule a rigger to be onsite to unload and position the cnc into your facility

3. Once the cnc is in place, you must arrange for the power, air, dust extraction to be connected to the cnc. See Specifications tab above for details.

4. Ensure that you have the software, tooling, materials available for the cnc set-up/training. See Software-Tooling menu for details.

5. Once all items in No. 4 above are in place, fill in the cnc setup page request from the Pre-installation guide you received via email and fax it to us.

6. We will confirm the setup date(s) requested. Your cnc is expected to be ready for production at the end of the setup-training session.

Customers Gallery-Videos

Standard Gemini series Features & Options - subject to change without notice

 Steel chambers construction with finished grid vacuum phenolic table top
 Reference pins
Minimum of three (3) automatic table top reference pins for stock materials
 Vacuum zones
Common material sizes vacuum zone system for 5'x5', 4'x8', 5'x8', 5'x10' and a few other smaller sizes
Spindle No. 1
 HSD maintenance-free, air-cooled 12hp HSK 63F spindle with ER 32 collet system
 Spindle speed
From 1,000 ~ 24,000RPM in increment of 1,000
 Quick change-release
Spindle manual tool release and insertion
 Spindle brush
Automatic floating spindle brush design with manual brush override feature
 Manual operation
Manual spindle ON-OFF feature
Tool changer
 8-position carousel style automatic tool changer with servomotor/gearbox driven for fast tool change cycles
 Tool height calibration
Automatic tool height calibration and registration
 Vacuum pump
10hp two stage regen type with accessories
Syntec controller features
 Non PC-Windows reliant, non proprietary software-hardware system
 Programming language
Standard G-code, works with any 3rd party software that generates G-codes
Approx. 250Mb internal memory with unlimited file size via USB & Ethernet
 Modes of operation
Automatic, MDI, Manual
 Manual Pulse Generator for fine manual movements during set-up, checking, and testing in automatic mode
 Automatic Homing
Automatic homing mode for individual or all axis with a push of a button
 Spindle override
Independent spindle RPM manually override during live operation
 Feed rate override
Independent cut feed rate manually override during live operation
 Rapid override
Independent rapid-traverse manually override during live operation
8" industrial monitor with current program check-monitoring system
Full alpha-numeric keypad with two USB ports and Ethernet
 Work coordinate offsets
Global, G54 ~ G59 standard with G54P1 feature
 Tool height registrations
Tool height registrations offering full flexibility for programming assignments
 Tool diameter compensations
Tool diameter G41-G42 compensations, for customers using sharpened tools without having to re-program parts
 Canned cycle
 Canned cycles using canned cycle codes to shorten program lengths, especially with 32mm line boring system
 Onboard PLC diagnostics
For troubleshooting with I/O status
 Onboard parameters
For fine tuning or adjustments of the machine's performance and accuracy
Operators and Maintenance manuals
 System recovery
 Full system recovery provided during every new machine installation
Available Options
 32mm line boring
HSD 9-vertical drills on 32mm centers in L-shape configuration for X and Y axis drilling operations
 Tool changer
Up to 16-position carousel with servomotor/gearbox driven
 Table size
Up to 23' length with two independent 5'x10' table size for left side/right side continuous production operation
 Roller Hold Down system
Roller Hold Down system combined with vacuum hold down for frame manufacturers
 Vacuum pump
15hp@50Hz or 17hp@60Hz, up to 33hp two-stage regen system with more than 1,000Cfm
Technical Spec

Standard Gemini series specifications - subject to change without notice

Frame construction
 Welded structural steel, heat treated and stress relieved for rigidity and stability
Drive configuration
Dual 1.3Kw servomotor with planetary gearbox and helical rack-pinion system
1.3Kw servomotor with planetary gearbox and helical-pinion system
 850w servomotor with ballscrew with Z-axis servo braking-locking
Linear guide rails

Hiwin-Abba 30mm square type
Hiwin-Abba 25mm square type
Hiwin-Abba 25mm square type
Axis field stroke

 Full-beyond table coverage
Full-beyond table coverage
Up to 300mm (12")
Cable protection
 Enclosed cable chain tracks to prevent dust, wood and metal chips from damaging the cables
Maximum cut feed rate
 Up to 800 inch/min
Maximum rapid-traverse rate
Up to 2,200 inch/min
Lubrication Automatic lubrication with volume and times frequency settings

Standard Gemini series shipping & floor plan info - subject to change without notice

 Gemini 48 (4'x8' table size)
Gemini 510 (5'x10' table size)Gemini  512 (5'x12' table size)
Weight (approx)
 Gross - Net weight
4,500 lbs.
5,500 lbs.
6,000 lbs.
 Dimensions (inches)
 Shipping (LxWxH)
 131 x 80 x 65"
 155 x 92 x 65"
 167 x 92 x 65"
 Floor plan
Gemini 48 download
Gemini 510 download
Gemini 512 download
 Dust extraction
 Incoming flex hose diameter
4" for single spindle, 8" two spindles
4" for single spindle, 8" two spindles4" for single spindle, 8" two spindles
 Volume recommended
3,000 ~ 4,000 Cfm
3,000 ~ 4,000 Cfm3,000 ~ 4,000 Cfm
Power & Air requirements
 Machine: 220V, 3-phase
 50Amp, consumption approx 40Amp
50Amp, consumption approx 40Amp50Amp, consumption approx 40Amp
 Machine: Dry air
90Psi @ 16Cfm consumption rate
90Psi @ 16Cfm consumption rate90Psi @ 16Cfm consumption rate
 Vacuum pump: 220V, 3-phase
10hp @35Amp, 17hp @60Amp
10hp @35Amp, 17hp @60Amp10hp @35Amp, 17hp @60Amp
More customers' YouTube collections
Interesting to watch this video to the end. The 5'x23' table length with two 5'x10' designed for continuous production run while machine cuts on one side and the other side is being unloaded/ to the right >>>

Poor dust collection system as dust is everywhere. The table top wasn't thoroughly cleaned before loading the next sheet that is badly warped for the next run. Machine is being run with only three rollers. Production takes priority, there is no time to clean or check maintenance. It's like you're in a race, if you can't run with a broken leg, then hop!

The machine's acceleration and deceleration is fast turning corners, linear and radius moves. The broken roller has been replaced after this video but this goes to show under these circumstances, the machine performs day in / day out and small parts were not moving.....just amazing. Well, the company decided to add a second one identical to their first machine.
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