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Limtech's overseas factories design and build our products 100% to Limtech's specifications from construction to configuration, features, and brand name components used. Our customers would not be purchasing an off the shelf product that is being offered by another company with different colors and name on it.

Our products are uniquely designed and built from scratch the Limtech way!

Our factories are based in Asia and have full manufacturing capacity to produce our products in-house such as product design, fabrication of the entire frame such as welding, precision machining, assembly and quality assurance. In essence keeping our over all manufacturing costs low and allow us to provide high quality products at very competitive offerings.

Many companies in the past imported products from Asia just to make a few bucks on the low cost advantage regardless of quality and without proper support structure and as a result given many quality manufacturers a bad rep in the process.

With Limtech, it's not where our products are built, it's how we build and configure them to what we know is the best in industry's practice for customers' long-term benefits. But don't take our words for it, talk to our customers!

Please explore our products specifications and features and don't hesitate to call us free consultations. We're here to provide knowledge and understanding with regards to cnc routers for our customers' long-term benefits.

Sales - Service Partners
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