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4 reasons why experienced users desire our cnc router products....

1. We only use stand alone industrial plc controller that is non PC-Windows reliant! This means you will NEVER have to worry about having issues with PC-Windows crashing, software updates, or replacement. You will NEVER have to worry about any propriety software communication link between the controller and the PC that is normally required for a PC-based and PC-front end and we provide you with all of the original equipment system recovery.

2. We only use world class brand name components such as HSD spindles, Delta servo motors-drivers, Allen-Bradley or Schneider Electric contactors to name a few with the manufacturers' model and part numbers on all the components. This means that you can always source these components on Google from local and competitive suppliers. You won't have to go through us because nothing on our products is propriety and you're not locked-in.

3. We configure our products with the industry's highest mechanical drive configuration such as servo motor with ball screw or with planetary gearbox & helical rack-pinion systems. This ensure that our products require low-maintenance plus simple service oriented design so you can replace the components or perform simple adjustments yourself without requiring a certified field service engineer be onsite...saving you the time and money in the long-term.

4. Our technical support is free. Plus you may also contact the components manufacturers directly for parts and support. Once you purchase our products, you will receive log in information to access our customers' portal for general technical documents such as manuals, operating instructions.

Does any other cnc on your short list to consider offer the same configurations as ours?

Which product suits my requirements?

  • Centaurus series
  • Orion series
  • Pegasus series
Centaurus series

The Centaurus series standard configuration:

1. 12hp HSD maintenance-free spindle

2. 8-position linear automatic tool changer

3. 10hp, two stage vacuum pump system

Equipped with all other standard operating features listed on features page.

Available options:

See Features page under Centaurus series

Ideal for small to medium size companies looking for affordable solutions without sacrificing features and quality.
Centaurus series
With drill spindles option
Orion series
Pegasus series
Industrial controller - Brand name components from local suppliers - Free support