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Our industrial controller accepts standard G-code programs. In essence, you may use any third party cad-cam software system that generates G-codes. Below are some software systems that our customers use but not limited to these. Read the brief descriptions and click on the links to see which one is best for your application requirements. Many of our customers are already using these software, call us and we'd be glad to inform and recommend.

CAD-CAM systems for designing of unique part or parts, some with nesting features of the same or different parts, some with 3D surfacing or machining features depending on software and available add-on modules.


CAD-CAM systems
2D-3D features for 3-axis machines...promotion above!
2D-3D features for 3-axis machines
2D-3D features for 3-axis machinesRhinoceros
2D-3D features for 3-axis machines  Enroute
2D-3D features for 3 & 5-axis machinesAlphaCAM
2D-3D features for 3 & 5-axis machinesMasterCAM
2D-3D features for 3 & 5-axis machines CIM-Tech

Specialty application driven software systems for custom cabinetry, closet systems, commercial design-construction, or all in one solution.

Application driven software systems
 Custom cabinetry, closet systems KCDw
 Custom cabinetry, closet systems, doorsMozaik Software
 Custom cabinetry, closet systems, add-on modulesVero Software
Custom cabinetry, closet systems, add-on modulesMicrovellum
Industrial controller - Brand name components from local suppliers - Free support