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We have used many different types of vacuum systems. Over the years, we've found that the two stage regenerative vacuum system offers deep vacuum, high Cfm capacity, lower initial and long-term overall maintenance cost, and its performance and reliability is excellent. One 11.5HP capacity comes with all our cnc router products. Larger capacity in 17hp, 30hp, up to 50hp available...but the majority of our customers are happy with the 11.5hp, some with 17hp max. See video below and ask us why....

If you prefer other systems, please let us know and we'd be glad to supply them.

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  • 11.5 HP Spec
  • 17 HP Spec
Hold down video

17hp two stage regen pump, 5'x10' table surface, entire table surface and all vacuum zones wide open, holding a piece of material through TWO 3/4" thick mdf spoil board,,,,

11.5 HP Spec
17 HP Spec
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